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Moving Forward. Working Together


       in Southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland

          The Cookbook!
      Great and Secret Chefs
           of South County


Who We Are

 We are members of the

  South County community

who advocate for and collaborate with

our neighbors in Southern Anne Arundel County.

Where We Are

   Find us at our Community Needs meetings each month

 and under our banner 

at South County Community events.

What We Do

We are engaging with the community on projects to address needs in the areas of education, food, transportation and youth engagement.   

What You Can Do

 Volunteer with us.

 Join our email list.

Follow us on Facebook.



 Your donation will help us continue to

       work together with members of the

           South County community to address

                      needs which they define. 


Upcoming  Events

Hydroponics: The Magic of Light,
     Water, Nutrients and Seeds

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
7 - 8:30pm
in person at the Deale Library
and virtual

  January's topic:

  Child care, child development

and early childhood education -

   challenges for South County

                   Please join us for one of our  

South County Community Needs meetings!


      Held during the fourth week of each month

   Tuesday mornings 11:00am-noon


 Thursday evenings  5:00-6:00pm


  To receive the invitation,                         email us at  

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